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  1. Well, that really is strange! I am using the same version of the app as you, but my text formatting bar looks totally different. And of course, I have no button to toggle it on or off. I am using Android 7.0, so perhaps you only get the button in the even-numbered versions of Android, not the odd-numbered versions? ha ha. And Dave, I just saw your post in the other thread where a user recently updated their app who has NO text formatting bar and no button to turn it on! Weird indeed.
  2. Susan - did you ever find a solution for your Android version of the app? I see you installed the Windows app and got the "A" button to show up there, but any luck doing the same with your Android device? I see others above are already endorsing a recommended solution to the problem you encountered on your Android device, but no solution was ever offered. FWIW, I am on Android 7.0 and I have the same problem (see my post above).
  3. Unfortunately, there was no solution found in that thread. Before you added your message above, I did add some images of the problem to that thread you refer to, just in case it helps to resolve the issue. I am not sure people understand that the interface has changed between versions. What do you think?
  4. This seems to be a recent change in version 8 of the Android app:
  5. Not in the updated version of the app that installed on my phone. That capital A button was in version 7, not version 8, hence my post.
  6. My Android phone recently updated to version 8 of the Evernote app. Unfortunately, there appears to be no way to hide the text formatting bar, like you could easily do in previous versions of the app. Am I missing an option somewhere? It seems like a pretty obvious thing to want to do, so I am surprised the ability to hide the formatting bar would be removed on an updated version of the app. Thanks to anyone who can offer a solution.
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