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  1. Apple does indeed allow apps for Apple Watch to access the AW's microphone and record audio from it. There are multiple AW apps out there that take advantage of this (one example is "Just Press Record").
  2. holler! i too always use the keyboard shortcut for new notes, and almost never the little green 'new note' button. especially with note-taking apps, a streamlined and efficient interface is a most excellent thing. i very much hope the developers consider implementing your request in a future release of EN on macOS.
  3. YES! i have the same problem. this is inconsistent with Apple's macOS user interface guidelines, and just sub-par UX design generally. interestingly, the web version of EN visually differentiates between the name of notebooks/tags and the number of notes within/associated with them (the tag/notebook name is in black/grey font, and the number of associated notes is shown in green font). for some reason the macOS app (dunno about the Windows version) lacks this small but very useful refinement. I very much hope the developer team considers implementing it.
  4. in short: implement an Apple Watch companion app for EverNote that records voice memo's and automatically transcribes them. I'm not sure if this has been proposed yet for EverNote, or if any currently-available note-taking app has this capability. It would be extremely useful to me, and I suspect many others. The idea is to implement a simple voice-memo-type app on Apple Watch. The interface is just a big button saying record. you tap it to initiate a voice memo, then dictate what you have to say, then tap again when you're finished. When the voice memo is complete, the app transcribes t
  5. yes, this. would be very helpful to be able to not only tag entire notes but sections within them.
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