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  1. Please add the ability to disable this feature. Adding this feature makes Evernote less useful and doesn't help me. While I do capture action items in Evernote especially during meetings, it doesn't help me at all to keep them here. I use Todoist to manage my tasks and they are organized completely differently than my Notes. I have integrations with a lot of systems (including Evernote but also my CRM, LMS, WordPress site, etc). I have a lot of recurring tasks. I have them organized into projects and tagged in various ways so that I can optimize my days. I heavily use the new Kanban style view of projects in Todoist to keep track of things like podcast episodes and sales leads. It would take Evernote a lot of development effort to reach the same level of integration and functionality. Some - but not all - of these have corresponding notebooks in Evernote. I don't want those notebooks cluttered up with tasks that just make it harder to find the stuff I want to have in a tool like Evernote. I also have a rapidly-growing Evernote library around my projects, etc. and I don't want to clutter up Evernote by adding everything else I'd need to manage tasks here — and the last thing I want are dual systems!
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