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  1. I've been quite happy with Notes from Apple. If you're a Windows user, supposedly OneNote is a good alternative, too. This is dead on. E.g., even if I don't use my Twitter account for a couple of months, I've got to login through an email verification. This is an attempted login from the same IP address and device, mind you. So @PinkElephant, with all due respect, I think you're completely missing the point here. YES, people should use 2FA and unique & secure passwords. In fact, I had beefed up pretty much all of my accounts' security. But due to a blind spot, I missed out on Evernote (ironically my most important account). Stupid? Sure. But if companies have simple tools at their disposal to protect users against their own negligence, then shouldn't you think they oughta apply those? Evernote did notice someone made a suspicious log in attempt and made me aware of that. They could've easily taken it up a notch by sending an email verification. Like any reputable tech company does.
  2. I've cancelled my Evernote Premium subscription and am moving my notes over to a competitor who shall not be named... I like supporting independent software companies, but Evernote can't be among them anymore for me. I hope you as company will be able to get your ***** together. It's good you guys got rid of your weekly sushi lunches, line of polyurethane socks and other extravaganzas. Hope it isn't too little too late. Good luck getting out of your death spiral.
  3. Hi PinkElephant, you make fair points. And I on my end, am for a large degree blowing off steam to be fair. But my thinking is.... new location PLUS new device (Android). That oughta set off some alarm bells, right? If it's just one of the 2, it's a different story of course. The support I'm expecting, is basically just the ability the get in touch with someone from Evernote. Within a reasonable timeframe. Just know there's someone there for you in this company who's product I've (mostly) been happily using for years and years. The fact that my data is out there, somewhere, fills me with dread, disgust and anxiety. No ability to get in touch with Evernote just throws salt in the wounds. (Btw, the 2FA is broken... the code sent to my phone is "invalid." so now I can't even access evernote - except for my browser. The current version of evernote is indeed a hot piece of garbage, something I kind of overlooked due to nostalgia. But this reddit topic seems to hit the nail on the hit.)
  4. "We are currently experiencing longer than normal wait times. It may take 10 or more days to receive an email reply. For faster help, check out the articles in Help & Learning or get assistance from other Evernote users in our discussion forums." Really Evernote? Are there any employees on this forum at all? And... anybody that can recommend an Evernote alternative that does have a semblance of professionalism? I'm honestly shocked that, as a loyal and paying customer who right now has a decade of highly personal data probably floating around on the dark web... that this it. This is the level of customer service from a company worth 100s of millions? The unflattering reports on the company were unfortunately true. What a train wreck.
  5. Sure. That point is clear. What about checking if the person getting access did an instant database download , used the account etc.? Knowing that would be super helpful.
  6. Alright, so I just read an evernote email about a login from Ukraine. It's from 2 hrs back. I pretty much dumped my life in evernote so am less than thrilled. Clearly I changed my password, put on 2FA etc. (Although, the authentication sms code does not work... so I can't login my desktop / phone app now. This on top of this hack AND the fact that there's no Evernote hotline or easy way to reach them REALLY makes me consider dumping the service after almost a decade.) OK, now I'm after the following: Can I see what this hacker has done in my account? Have they downloaded all notes, browsed thru them etc? Is there any way to check this? As we speak I'm changing all my passwords for literally everything - but this would be good to know. And this is for a mod / evernote employee: Why the hell would you make it possible for people from a completely different country to login via new device, instead of blocking them and require a confirmation thru email? This is insane. Why would you allow this?
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