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  1. So is there a way to put that into EN with the reader view and AppleScript.
  2. No, I want to have the page clipped on at least the Simplified article. Other workarounds have me opening links in Chrome to clip but usually I won’t do it because Chrome isn’t integrated with my MBP features and sucks battery really bad. Sometimes I will make a PDF of the page but I prefer the simplified article format much more. Is there an Apple Script to do something like make a Simplified Article web clip?
  3. With Web Clipper plug-ins not working in Safari 13 and various issues with it not working correctly in Safari and Chrome on iOS devices (bets or not), please integrate a way to use Web Clipper in the actual client by pasting a URL into a new note. By implementing it in the actual client, users will be able to use this important feature regardless if plugins are broken or if the web page isn’t clipping correctly.
  4. There will always be betas of ios, Android, Windows, Mac, etc. they will never be gone. When using beta versions of Evernote, you can already install a beta version alongside a regular version. If one version isn’t working, try the other. If seeking support for a beta version, don’t expect a lot. However, there is a HUGE flaw EN has here: Webclipper is completely destroyed For an OS that is probably releasing in around a month. I am not seeking support but simply asked if there was a beta of a safari plugin. When I heard there wasn’t, I suggested they EN should build web clipping into the actual client so if the plugin breaks in the future, this primary feature of EN is not destroyed. I don’t see why this is such an issue. This is my entire point.
  5. I never stated what version Evernote was testing. I merely made the point that the new CEO made a video asking the community to sign up to beta test unreleased versions of Evernote. This was in response to the previous post. If beta testing is so bad, why would Evernote seek the community to sign up to beta test? The answer is we are actively beta testing almost all software because it is never finished and constantly being updated and changed. Call it a beta, an insider build, a preview build, etc. Also, we are speaking specifically about the Mac version of Evernote and its lack of ability to work with Safari 13 to webclip web pages. This functionality is one of the main reasons to use Evernote and should have an alternate way to do this as I made the suggestion in my posts above.
  6. Wow, listen to you. Not sure if you realize this or not but Evernote is actively seeking the ENTIRE community to beta test for them. Betas are part of everyday life and platforms like windows have insider builds that are Beta releases and they are being used in a large way. I am not telling you how to use software but if Evernote wants to continue to exist as a platform, they shouldn’t discourage people from using a key feature of the platform by not allowing it to work. Mac users do not typically like to use alternate browsers because they sick more battery and don’t use all the features Apple provides users. My point in all of this was Evernote should find an alternate way to do web clipping by pasting a link into an Evernote Client and asking the user what they should do with it. If you don’t use beta software, you have no real feedback to provide here. I have no idea why you are even involved in this post.
  7. The sad thing about this is this causes me to have to use Chrome (which I don't like to on MacOS and won't do normally) or I just don't use Evernote and cut it out of my life. Wouldn't a better option be for Evernote to do some sort of web clipping when pasting a URL into the actual program? At last having that option available? I understand this is not possible now but should be a feature they implement to avoid issues like this in the future,
  8. Where is a link to download a web clipper that will work with macOS Catalina and Safari 13? The old plugins for Safari don't work on the beta version of MacOS.
  9. Hopefully the beta build will be updated soon to help fix this. Right now, Evernote is completely unusable on iOS 12 on iPhone. I rely on Evernote a lot. So I will not update my iPad until this is working.
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