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  1. I am considering the same. I even found that OneNote has a migration feature of some sort. I just added "Get the hang of OneNote" to my Evernote To-Do bullet list. (Hope it doesn't get misaligned haha). What are your thoughts? How was the adaptation? There's a big chance our conversation might be filtered by the mods but I guess it doesn't hurt to ask "This is the most basic note taking feature" - FYI List are THE most primitive form of writing. As soon as writing was invented in Sumeria people started making lists. That was more than 4000 years ago, Evernote team, I'm sure you guys can figure it out!
  2. I came here to say that I am extremely frustrated that this bug is still around. It's been months and my HUGE bulleted lists have to be reformatted every few days or so, and I can't help but to feel stupid grooming my lists, that were supposed to help me save time, not waste time. It is unnacceptable that a software that claims to increase productivity forces users to waste HOURS putting lines, one by one, a little bit to the left or a little bit to the right Also, data is being lost. Evernote is no a longer a safe app to store my data and I have REALLY important data that I am honestly considering removing from evernote forever. Practically my life is organized on evernote, from creative work to groceries lists and long-term plans and I keep losing formatting data. It's been months, guys, come on. I have been a loyal user for years and for the first time, I am speaking ill of evernote.
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