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  1. Marker and Highlighter are both free hand tools. They are both similar in function. I would like the marker to be a freehand tool to underline or circle a concept in PDF or Image. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND that the highlighter tool should not be a free hand tool. Rather based on OCR in image and PDF we should be able to select certain text and highlight it. I would look clean. Similar to Adobe Reader and other softwares. Please let me know if this sounds interesting. And can the team think on incorporating the change.
  2. Dr Puneet Gupta


    As a Premium user we get 10 GB upload per month. However the Note Size is limited to 200 MB. I have few videos files which I want to upload. But can't due to the limit in Note Size. I request the team to please REMOVE THE LIMIT ON SIZE OF THE NOTE. Dear Community Members Please upvote this Feature Request.
  3. Dr Puneet Gupta

    Nesting Multiple Notebooks / Creating Sub-Notebooks

    I am new to the community. But I think People organize Hierarchial notes using TAGS rather than Notebook. Use the Full Power of Tags if that solves your problem.