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  1. Exactly. Evernote support do nothing about this and dozens other bugs. They send endless questions about the problem and finally You have not time or effort to reply them so the problem is disposed. I have never seen another company like this. We all pay for this and they do nothing about it.
  2. Crashes, disappearing after closing and error when opening again for further annotation. Evernote is again unreliable tool and stuff seems do nothing about it.
  3. This is unbelievable that every problem I see in evernote many users suggested it to change it here many years ago and EN stuff do nothing about it. I love this software but hate this people who are working there. I wish them one day there will come another company who will wipe EN out of the market.
  4. @Scott T. is that mean all of us will be refund while You work on this bug? How long should we wait for You to repair this unreliable tool? This is such a ridiculuos. What a pity EN.
  5. the answer is in WIN10 shortcut cannot be WIN + SHIFT + S just set any different than this and it will work
  6. hahaha, never. only one thing they are able to do is refreshing logo. bravo!
  7. this is so pity that there is no Archive option in Evernote.
  8. This is so funny. Just started using evernote and after 5 min i need archive option and notebooks drag order options. From topics i see many ppl asked for it many years ago and its still not done by evernote. Regret that is paid premium plan already. 5 mins.
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