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Evernote 10 missing features?

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Hi, everyone,

I'm still working with old Evernote (, mainly because I've been too busy to switch over to a new version about which I'd heard ambiguous things.

I've just installed Evernote 10 on a spare laptop.  I've heard that this version has removed some features, but they will be put back in or already have been implemented at some point.

What features are still missing in version 10?


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Hi.  I thought I saw this question asked and answered already...  broadly,  it depends what you're using Evernote for whether you'll miss any features that you were formerly used to.  Since you have access to the new version,  why not start using it and see how you get on.  If you need to do something and can't find the way to do it in v10 - use your current 6.25 version to do the job.  They both access the same database,  so you have an ideal chance to try the upgrade out without any risks.  If you dislike it,  remove v10 and revert to 6.25. 

(If you create any new features like Tasks,  they -obviously- won't be visible in the older version.)

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There was an initial release note 18 month ago when the v10 clients launched. All items in the first list are released today, all items in the second list are permanently discontinued. And then the new app has a bunch of new features (Home, Tasks and more) the old clients will never get.

You can install both clients side by side and find out !



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