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  1. I just started using EN on 4/12 as a Basic user and found that it's an app I'd like to use and grow into. I looked into the pricing plans and couldn't justify the Premium price but decided tonight I'd sign up for the Plus plan. What a bummer, that the option is gone? So I guess chalk one would-be Plus user up to remaining Basic, or just doing away with adding anything else to the app until they figure out if they'd like a Plus user fee more than a non-paying/non-user. I was just bragging about the app to friends and how I was going to sign up for Plus. Unfortunately, I guess we are both out of luck. Since EN knows I just started using their program, it would have been wise to let me know I had 30 days to upgrade to Plus or Premium before taking the option completely away. If I can still get a Plus subscription, the powers that be will know how to contact me. @Shane D. It kind of feels like that moment in Pretty Woman...where Julia Roberts said, "Big Mistake," as she reentered the store after spending her money elsewhere. I'm ready to spend EN.
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