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  1. More feedback on the Gmail add-on: – seems as if there isn’t a link back created to the email in gmail when using the add-on (whereas the clipper does create a ”Open conversation in gmail” link) – no email addresses are shown in the created note, which makes it even more necessary to be able to easily go back to the email (note created with old clipper shows email addresses) – doesn't seem to create a preview image in the notes list in Evernote (which the clipper does) Super handy being able to add notes to email though, both on desktop and mobile (iOS). A bit confusing that the ”add Evernote note” function in the compose window on iOS is under the three-dot menu, while the ”create note (clip)” is accessed with the icon (and that it is all the way at the end of the emails... scroll scroll scroll...). On the desktop both features are accessed via an icon.
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