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  1. I'm going to chime in on this topic because this problem has been bothering me for 2 years now. And I have very carefully followed the entire instructions on using App Cleaner to remove it and reinstall it, etc. In fact I've had to do that about 3-4 times now. It only works for a few weeks to maybe a couple of months and then the problem comes back. I don't know what triggers it to come back. I'm at a loss, because if I open another ticket with them, they're just going to tell me to do the exact same thing I've already done again and again. And yes, if I do that again, the problem will appear to go away. But for me it's always temporary. It would be one thing if the error came up in the background just ONCE, but the error will pop up over everything else I'm doing, sitting on top of all windows, 5-6 times in a session, maybe once or twice A DAY! Even without the application running. It's like the thing is designed just to annoy you. I could be using my computer to record a presentation with a screenshare and BLAM! the error pops up and destroys the whole thing. I cannot live with this problem much longer. I am making designs to possibly switch to OneNote. Which I dread, because OneNote is hinged on OneDrive, and OneDrive is not my cloud solution (I use Dropbox and I have no intention of changing it). If both OneDrive and Dropbox are permitted on my computer the two start competing for system resources, so I prefer only one of these solutions. I exorcised OneDrive and iCloud from my computer a long time ago. Evernote has its own sync system that works pretty well and doesn't seem to cause me any problems. And I have a HUGE amount of data in Evernote. I really hate the idea of switching, but this bug is giving me no choice. They are not fixing it.
  2. I agree. I don't want to use Apple's Map app, I want to use Google Maps. But when I tap an address in Evernote it takes me to Apple's Map app. I know that if I tap and hold on an address I can copy it and switch to the Google Maps app and paste it, but when I'm in a hurry (such as sitting at a gas station ready to pull out on the road) I don't want to go through this effort. Apple's own calendar allows me to set my own default GPS/Map app when I tap on an address. Why can't Evernote? The above problems means that I need to transfer my whole road trip into a different app that allows this basic flexibility.
  3. I have never lost note content until today, and I've been using Evernote for years. Last night I was on my iPad tapping in a bunch of new ideas. As usual I probably stopped, quit my app, and went to sleep. This morning when I checked that note ALL MY NEW NOTES WERE GONE. The history in the online sync shows the last time I updated this note was yesterday morning, not last night. This is sort of like a computer crashing on unsaved data - I have to start all over again. None of my other devices show anything different. Last night's work: GONE. My best guess is that for some reason my changes to the note did not sync last night, and were mysteriously overwritten by the server's version when it did sync. I just don't know why, but I wonder if Evernote crashed or something and I did not know it. I saw no indication of a problem. When I "quit" the app maybe my changes were lost at that time because the changes were not being saved as they should have been? I have used Evernote on all the same devices for years - I have TONS of notes - and this has NEVER happened before. Conflicts occur if I switch devices and edit the same note on a different device and then both sync. That is normal and I know how to find my data and reconcile. Occasionally I'll find a note that has all the new content aggregated to all the old content. That is not common but I know to look for it and and it's fairly easy to fix. But THIS is unusual. All my work is completely gone - no history, nothing. I'm not asking for help here, because I don't think anybody can help. I have to start over. Just reporting it...
  4. I use stacks all the time, but I keep forgetting how to move notebooks into existing stacks. The reason is because it's intuitive for me to try dragging a notebook in the NAVIGATION SIDEBAR into a stack there. That does not work, it ignores my attempts. The only way to do it that I have found is that you have to click on Notebooks in the sidebar first, then move them around. But I never, never go there and after a year or two I forget about it and go back to the frustration of trying to drag a notebook into a stack in the navigation sidebar. I would strongly recommend an improvement to Evernote to let the user organize via the navigation sidebar this way. Having to click on the Notebooks (high level) first is counter-intuitive because as long as the navigation bar exists the Notebooks view is not frequented.
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