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  1. I agree. I don't want to use Apple's Map app, I want to use Google Maps. But when I tap an address in Evernote it takes me to Apple's Map app. I know that if I tap and hold on an address I can copy it and switch to the Google Maps app and paste it, but when I'm in a hurry (such as sitting at a gas station ready to pull out on the road) I don't want to go through this effort. Apple's own calendar allows me to set my own default GPS/Map app when I tap on an address. Why can't Evernote? The above problems means that I need to transfer my whole road trip into a different app that allows this basic flexibility.
  2. I have never lost note content until today, and I've been using Evernote for years. Last night I was on my iPad tapping in a bunch of new ideas. As usual I probably stopped, quit my app, and went to sleep. This morning when I checked that note ALL MY NEW NOTES WERE GONE. The history in the online sync shows the last time I updated this note was yesterday morning, not last night. This is sort of like a computer crashing on unsaved data - I have to start all over again. None of my other devices show anything different. Last night's work: GONE. My best guess is that for some reason my changes to the note did not sync last night, and were mysteriously overwritten by the server's version when it did sync. I just don't know why, but I wonder if Evernote crashed or something and I did not know it. I saw no indication of a problem. When I "quit" the app maybe my changes were lost at that time because the changes were not being saved as they should have been? I have used Evernote on all the same devices for years - I have TONS of notes - and this has NEVER happened before. Conflicts occur if I switch devices and edit the same note on a different device and then both sync. That is normal and I know how to find my data and reconcile. Occasionally I'll find a note that has all the new content aggregated to all the old content. That is not common but I know to look for it and and it's fairly easy to fix. But THIS is unusual. All my work is completely gone - no history, nothing. I'm not asking for help here, because I don't think anybody can help. I have to start over. Just reporting it...
  3. I use stacks all the time, but I keep forgetting how to move notebooks into existing stacks. The reason is because it's intuitive for me to try dragging a notebook in the NAVIGATION SIDEBAR into a stack there. That does not work, it ignores my attempts. The only way to do it that I have found is that you have to click on Notebooks in the sidebar first, then move them around. But I never, never go there and after a year or two I forget about it and go back to the frustration of trying to drag a notebook into a stack in the navigation sidebar. I would strongly recommend an improvement to Evernote to let the user organize via the navigation sidebar this way. Having to click on the Notebooks (high level) first is counter-intuitive because as long as the navigation bar exists the Notebooks view is not frequented.
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