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  1. Another vote for inline pdfs. I do a lot of editing and organising on my phone and tablet and this would speed it up so much. I don't find jpegs are as legible as pdfs so don't want to use that workaround.
  2. Hi @gazumped thanks for the response - I know my Plus subscription will continue to renew, I'm just worried that if I ever let it lapse I won't be able to get it back. Anyway I've literally just renewed so I don't have to worry about it for the next year.
  3. A lot of people have mentioned OneNote as a competitor. I love the way notes are organised visually in OneNote, in tabbed sections. But I found it couldn't handle the quantity of notes I had and would fail to sync. (I had about 2000 notes at that point which I honestly don't think is that much). I lost whole sections that way and had to rescan into Evernote. Plus scanning directly into One Note produced a very rough looking image whereas scanning into Evernote produces a nice clear pdf. In my experience Evernote just works whereas OneNote just didn't. Yet Evernote is still vulnerable to One No
  4. Definitely agree that there needs to be a middle tier. I am one of those who can't afford Premium but I do need the larger monthly upload limit and the multiple devices of the Plus subscription. I'm nervous now that if I'm having a tight month financially the next time my Plus is due to renew, I won't be able to put off renewing till the next payday in case I lose my access to Plus altogether. I hope that the Evernote team continue to offer some kind of middle tier even if the offering is slightly different.
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