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  1. Hi @gazumped thanks for the response - I know my Plus subscription will continue to renew, I'm just worried that if I ever let it lapse I won't be able to get it back. Anyway I've literally just renewed so I don't have to worry about it for the next year.
  2. A lot of people have mentioned OneNote as a competitor. I love the way notes are organised visually in OneNote, in tabbed sections. But I found it couldn't handle the quantity of notes I had and would fail to sync. (I had about 2000 notes at that point which I honestly don't think is that much). I lost whole sections that way and had to rescan into Evernote. Plus scanning directly into One Note produced a very rough looking image whereas scanning into Evernote produces a nice clear pdf. In my experience Evernote just works whereas OneNote just didn't. Yet Evernote is still vulnerable to One Note because it's free and ubiquitous. Most people who haven't had my negative experience with OneNote would need a pretty compelling reason to pay anything for a similar product so I think any first tier paid product from Evernote needs to be reasonably priced (like Plus).
  3. Definitely agree that there needs to be a middle tier. I am one of those who can't afford Premium but I do need the larger monthly upload limit and the multiple devices of the Plus subscription. I'm nervous now that if I'm having a tight month financially the next time my Plus is due to renew, I won't be able to put off renewing till the next payday in case I lose my access to Plus altogether. I hope that the Evernote team continue to offer some kind of middle tier even if the offering is slightly different.
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