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  1. I'm downgrading my account until this is fixed.
  2. It's a HUGE pain. Just happened to me twice today using Chrome....make an edit in Chrome. Navigate away from the note and return back to it and all of the indentation is gone. Had to open the app on my MacBook and view the note history to copy the last good version of the note and paste it back into the live version.
  3. I don't have any other than to view my note history and copy and paste the last version of the note that retained the proper bullet style. Its a drag!
  4. @Chr1st0pher Their response on Twitter was that they're looking into it and are working on a fix. Evernote Tweet
  5. Recently upgraded premium member here having this exact problem. I continually have to open the historical version of my note and copy/paste the old text to restore the indentations. This is VERY frustrating and I consider it to be a make or break issue when determining whether I will continue to renew my premium membership. Can someone from Evernote please give some insight as to whether there is a bug fix in the pipeline and when it may be delivered?
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