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  1. Ah, that's probably the issue. That search didn't come up with anything - what I'm trying to export into csv are more Notes than Contact Cards. So for each, I have a Title and then text in the body of the note. Can this be exported into a csv somehow?
  2. Hi Phils, Tried the updated download and got the same results - just a csv file with a header row and no data below it.
  3. Perfect - thanks Phils - I'll wait for the new version. Appreciate your help!
  4. Phils, As mentioned by many, thanks much for creating this much-needed utility. I've downloaded the latest version in your thread successfully, but for some reason, when I attempt to export my notes into a .csv, the csv file that is created has the headers only (in row 1) and no other data. Assuming I'm missing a simple step somewhere? Thanks in advance for your help with this - Dave
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