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  1. Sorry if my post was a bit negative towards you, it wasn't my intention to attack you personally. However calling legitimate concerns about evernote removing functionality, "boohoo, Evernote's so bad posts" is also not fair. As I already said some of us chose and payed for this program because it had a certain functionality, removing it, especially when there's no legitimate reason, is just bad. This says nothing about the product as a whole, in fact I think its great overall, but that doesn't excuse them from any critisism.
  2. However this doesn't address the issue that it used to work just fine and there is absolutely no reason to suddenly change a behaviour of a program people are paying for. I for one chose evernote because it was able to encrypt all my content in a note and was willing to pay for it because of that. Now suddenly things have changed for the worse. When there is a good reason for it, I could understand, but in this case there no good explanation why a feature that used to work fine suddenly doesn't work anymore. I've worked with a lot of encryption methods over the years and there is no good reason why a table couldn't be encrypted or why it would cause issues across platforms. Data is data no matter on which platform, encrypting that data doesn't change the fact that it is still data. The only reason it would cause issues is if the implementation of that encryption is bad. In my eyes they should address the issue not do a lazy workaround by saying "we can only encrypt text, else it causes issues". It's just a lazy and in my eyes a disrespectful response to (paying) customers. Yes I know you are not an Evernote employee, so I'm not really directing this at you, but you are basically defending them.
  3. I also would like to see an option to either encrypt an entire note or be able to encrypt a table. I don't have an old note available with an encrypted table, and changing my content to plain text isn't ideal as it screws up my layout. Seeing as tabs don't work (get converted to spaces, so it's only useful with monospace fonts), tables is the only way to get a nice layout for some information. There should be a normal way to also encrypt the content in those tables. My preference would be to be able to fully encrypt a note, because this would make things way easier than having to select all content and encrypting it. But if that's too hard, being able to encrypt a table would be the least that should be possible, especially seeing as it used to work just fine.
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