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  1. I use new version of web client. I find that all external links embeded in note are rendered to point to www.evernote.com/client/web . Just as the screenshot shows: Windows client works fine with same note. Is this a bug?
  2. After upgrading, the clipper works fine now. Thanks.
  3. Environment Ubuntu 18.04 Chrome 68 Web Clipper 7.4.0 I can't clip anything since two days ago, the clipper stopped at Saving your clip... This happened when I chose Article or Full Page, but Simplified Article was fine. I found some error log from the extension: 2018\8\3 10:36:43 LOG ------ Button clicked ------- 2018\8\3 10:36:43 LOG Reloading account in slot 0 2018\8\3 10:37:03 ERR Error refreshing accounts Error: XHR error event undefined 2018\8\3 10:37:23 LOG ------ Button clicked ------- 2018\8\3 10:37:23 LOG Reloading account in
  4. I still have this problem on my system. I running latest Evernote on Windows 10, the experience with PDF annotation is awful. Rolling up and down are not smooth at all Text is blurry Annotation operations are hard to control.
  5. I'm looking forward to the new version. It looks great.
  6. I'm a Linux user, too. Currently Web client is not good enough, I have to run a Windows virtual machine on my laptop in order to use Evernote Windows Client.
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