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  1. Hi, I was just looking for a similar answer as the OP Solution: "Thats more a PDF editor function. Look for an external app" Hmmm are you sure this is a solution? Splitting scanned pages seems to me a bit of a basic function, same as trimming off that last blank page that only serves to add space to a note, or even rotating a mis-scanned page somehow involves pushing it out to another application and re-importing back it into EN... bit of a fail on a product that 'should be' as mature as EN. Manipulating scanned pages should be as basic a function as underlining text by now, but to say export them out, fix them in another app (and obviously bring them back in) is no less than a pass the buck 'solution'. Anything that can be scanned in as separate pages should be treated as separate pages and not being able to drag and drop documents together (or apart), or even to reorder is a clear fail. Not too proud to be told I am wrong, but I have been looking without any success, sadly... anklemaxi
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