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  1. Oh wow.... that thread you linked has me pretty much feeling hopeless about this. And yeah, offline note editing makes this much more complicated. I still think a note conflict warning that gives the user a chance to respond to the situation is simple enough to be prioritized. But if this feature has been requested for 7+ years, then why should we even bother asking haha. That is a pretty big sign of poor prioritization from their product management. It looks like the forums are just a place for fans of Evernote to come together and talk. Kind of a shame. I really like this platform, but I wish the users could reach the devs somehow.
  2. I want to make sure this thread stays extremely specific. The Evernote team needs to handle the situation where a user edits a note that is no longer up to date. If someone is editing a note that is no longer in sync with the the latest version found in Evernote's database, a warning should be presented to them before any changes are saved. I think a confirmation dialog would be perfectly acceptable here. Give users a chance to say "Oh my note is stale/outdated? Ok, let me decide if I want to push the current version, or reload the page and reapply my changes." From what I can tell, as soon as you start typing on a note, it begins syncing with the server. If this is true, then that simplifies the issue even more. People won't get more than a couple key strokes into an update before a big warning pops up that lets them know they need to refresh their browser/app.
  3. I use Evernote on the Windows client at work, the web client at home, and mobile client when I am not at a computer. I jump between instances of the same notes a lot. I have been using Evernote for quite some time now, and have continually battled data loss when updating notes that are stale/outdated. Can this please be prioritized? I have made threads about this in the past and I have seen many other users talk about the same thing here. Usually, each thread gets the same response: "Make sure to refresh your browser/sync your clients before updating a stale note!" That is a workaround, not a solution. I forget to do this all the time. There are many documented and implemented ways to prevent accidentally updating outdated documents for REST API's. I have personally implemented one of these. Can this request please reach a developer so the community can know when this issue will be addressed?
  4. Syncing before and after you make changes to a note is a workaround. And workarounds are a great way to deal with issues until devs get around to a real fix. If free users were allowed to access a note's history, this wouldn't be such a big issue. If free users were allowed to file bugs, posing on this forum would not be the best thing to do. But right now, people are losing data for a reason that should not be happening. This issue needs attention and the users need to speak out about it the best they can.
  5. When a browser loads up a note, it will also receive an ETag from the server. This ETag will be a hash of some unique information about the note in Evernote's DB. An example of an ETag would be to hash the note's DateUpdated value and the note's ID. Whenever the browser sends an update request to the server, it sends the most-recently-received ETag with it. The server then recalculates the hash on its own and compares the server-sided ETag with the user-provided ETag. This definitively proves that the browser either did or did not have the most up-to-date information at the time of sending an update request. For example, if you changed the note on your phone, then hopped back on your computer (which has the tab open to that note from earlier) and tried to edit that note, the server will quickly determine that the browser's update request was out of date. At this point, the devs can do whatever they want: force a refresh of the user's browser, give the user a prompt that asks them if they want to overwrite, etc.
  6. It is necessary. The more people speak out about serious issues, the faster devs/product owners will prioritize them. This is not a small feature request. This is a gaping hole in the way Evernote works.
  7. If you edit your notes at work or on your phone then come home to a stale Chrome tab and make another change without thinking, everything earlier in the day will be lost. I came to this forum to bring this up, and noticed another post referencing this same issue has already been gaining traction. I replied to that, but decided a second thread is worth posting. This is not an acceptable behavior from the Evernote API. I can give you a suggestion on how to fix this that I personally implemented on my own REST server if anyone from the Evernote team wants to hear it. Please prioritize this change.
  8. I just came to this forum to make THIS EXACT POST. This needs to be fixed. DTLow saying "It's a good idea to sync/refresh your data when switching device/platforms" Is an insulting response. A simple ETag/If-Match implementation can save OP, me, and everyone else who will inevitably run into this a huge headache.
  9. Wow this worked, but what a horrible user experience. Thank you!
  10. I didn't have the conflicting changes folder. I think I know what happened: I created a note without officially hitting the done button (something that is only visible when first creating a note). I went to work and edited the note all day. Came home and instinctively hit the done button and overwrote my changes. That may not be exactly what happened, but I think it was something like that.
  11. Yeah I think I will start doing that. Up until now, I have just left Evernote open on a pinned tab. I will probably go back to just using a bookmark for it.
  12. That feature is for premium members. The real solution here is to warn users when the older version of a note is about to overwrite a newer version. A simple pop-up to help the user keep the version they want is a must in these situations.
  13. This needs to be written as a bug somewhere. When a note has been edited from two different clients by the same user, there should be a warning before the outdated client saves. I got home from work and tried to navigate my Evernote and before I even knew what I was looking at, my old note permanently overwrote the newer version. If history is reserved for premium members, at least give the free members the ability to undo.
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