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  1. @Metrodon Yes, you do sound overly sanctimonious, and I disagree wholeheartedly. Evernote is a rich tech company. Their employees are doing just fine. If I were to go and sabotage their business by spreading false information, that'd be one thing, but expressing my opinions to friends and family based on my true experience is the cost of doing business. After all, don't these types of apps always ask you to tell your friends if you are enjoying their product? So you think they should be able to enjoy the network effects if people like their product, but not have to deal with their c
  2. Ah, thanks, didn't realize that, might give that a try. Lol yeah that doesn't sound like much of a threat in retrospect.
  3. Would a premium member mind opening up a ticket with EN on our behalf about this? Seems to be a common issue. I would but I'd rather not shell out the $60 just to open a bug report. As noted above, this situation should be triggering the Conflicting Changes flow.
  4. @Dave-in-Decatur The Twitter handle @EvernoteHelps is what I was referring to. Maybe I'm missing something? How would this have been triggered in my situation. If I refreshed the browser before making new edits, there would not have been a conflict at all, because it would have just pulled in the latest changes from my mobile. I'd be really curious if you could find a way to get EN to generate the Conflicting Changes Feature with the browser. My statements above are lobbed at the Evernote Product Team, not you. I find that threatening to take other users with you if you leave i
  5. Yeah sadly their Twitter account seems to ignore me, perhaps because they sense my fury.
  6. It's probably the case that they just don't really care about browser users. But since my work computer is Linux I have no other choice. I would open a bug report but iirc you need to be a premium member to do that, which I am not.
  7. @Dave-in-Decatur Not sure you're following here. @CalS and @jefito's points about offline editing in no way invalidate my point. As I said to jefito, the point is that whether or not you are editing the note offline, once you go to sync it, you are by definition online, so the system can then tell whether you are updating a stale note. I'm not trying to completely solve the problem of managing conflicts, I'm just saying there 100% is no reason not to have a warning in place. For comparison, here is what onenote does: It clearly tells you that the note can't be merged, and
  8. @jefito No, as I said, it should warn the user. This gives the user to then do whatever they need to to back up their changes before refreshing. There are of course ways to deal with conflicts (for example, how Git does it), but I'm not saying we need to solve that problem. All I'm asking for is a warning - such a solution would be much better than nothing at all. I agree that when you are editing it you may not know this, but my point is that upon saving the note, the system can detect this, and not just blindly overwrite the note. Finally, as far as the "note conf
  9. It's versioning 101. Every time a note is saved to the system, it gets a timestamp. When you load a note to edit, the system notes the timestamp. When you save your updates, the system checks that the load timestamp is later than the most recently saved one. If so, the save proceeds, if not, it warns the user and tells them to manually refresh. The point is that's it's an absolute no-no in software design to do a destructive action (in this case, overwriting another version of a note) without warning the user. If this is a bug, it should be fixed. If not, the product manager should be fi
  10. Dave, It's ridiculous because it 1) makes the user do something that can be done by software, which is the whole point of software, 2) is incredibly easy to fix, and 3) has no downside - there is no good reason why anyone should prefer the current behavior over my proposal or something similar. Last night I lost a very important note to this issue. I'm going to be switching to just using a Google doc and advocating on social media that others do the same, because Evernote does not seem to care about their user's experience.
  11. That's ridiculous! That shouldn't be the job of the user. It's a change that a engineer could make in a day.
  12. I use the browser and mobile versions of Evernote. Say I have a note open in the browser, and I make an update to it on mobile. If I go back to the note in the browser and update it, the changes from the mobile update will be overwritten, WITHOUT WARNING. I've lost several notes this way, and it's incredibly frustrating, so much so that I'm considering switching to a different app. Has anyone else had this experience? Why doesn't Evernote fix it? It would be so simple! If the version of the note you are editing has not been updated, show a note telling me to refresh to get the latest vers
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