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  1. Okay gazumped, i will report it to Evernote directly. I had a thought it might be a Google update, so many times they cause problems with other products from acting normally. Thanks for the link. It works just fine in Firefox for now I can use that.
  2. Hello, For some reason I can no longer clip just an image in Google Chrome, I had been able to do this without a problem until a week ago. Using right click on an image with give me the option to clip a full page, clip a bookmark, or clip a screenshot - but not the option to clip the image only. I upgraded to Evernote Plus in case it was a storage issue, but no change. I uninstalled and re-installed Evernote. I can clip an image only with Firefox, but I really don't like using Firefox and prefer not to use it if I can. I am using an up to date Google Chrome (version 65) and Windows 7. Thanks for the help if you can.
  3. I am using the desktop version and Google chrome. I have clipped out images without a problem for a couple of weeks using the same setup and Google chrome. I thought I had used up my free download limit, so I upgraded to plus - still the same issue. I just tried Firefox and installed it there, and it seems to work. Not a firefox fan, but it must be a bug in the Google chrome setup so maybe I'll be stuck with using that. Sigh.... Nice suggestion gazumped, thank you.
  4. I was using evernote quite happily to clip out images I needed for my trip planner. I would right click on any image and the context menu would pop up for "clip image." I would clip and and would send to my inbox folder. Now when I right click on an image my only options are 1. Clip full page, 2. Clip bookmark, or 3. Clip screenshot. What happened to Clip Image? I haven't changed any settings knowingly. I am using version
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