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  1. I immediately noticed this on the latest update... true for me as well -- in the regular note window, the text is not smooth. If I double click and open in a separate window, it's fine...
  2. Just an update from me: I’m currently using Downcast for iOS to play long audio files. I usually have to download it on my Mac and then Airdrop to my iPhone and “Open In” Downcast. It works great!! Once its in Downcast, it remembers my playback position and allows speed changes. It also doesn’t crash!! It’s unfortunate, because all of these files permanently live in Evernote. There also no easy way to download an audio file on iOS and open it in another app that I could find.
  3. Is there a way to change the default font in the Evernote app to a serif face? I write everything on my Mac using Georgia and while it’s sometimes helpful to “see it fresh” in a different font on the iOS interface, it throws me off sometimes. Any chance this feature is coming?
  4. I regularly listen to audio files in Evernote on iPhone. When I get a call, or have to pause for a few minutes, Evernote does not remember where I was in the audio and usually restarts the app. Whether it's a voice memo I recorded with the app -- or a 1-hour seminar .mp3 I've purchased -- it's more often that the audio is at least 1 hour in length. I try to listen in one sitting, but it can be difficult. Right now, the iPhone app will crash or reset if I switch between apps or lock my phone for a few minutes -- so I usually try to write down the audio position so I can return where
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