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  1. This is the feature request that I've been crying out for. When you have dozens of notes in a notebook, having the RIGHT thumbnail image is super helpful in quickly identifying the note of interest. I know I can tag and search notes in multiple ways, and I do, but what if the most memorable identifier of a particular note is an image! Countless times, I am scanning the notes by looking at thumbnail images only. Having the WRONG image is not only an inconvenience, it actually throws me off and makes me keep looking for the note I am after. Why on earth doe Show that the message has been editeds my research note on McDonald’s have an image of a Starbucks cafe as a thumbnail (only because it appears further down in the article and EN’s algorithm decides that it’s the more relevant image)? I have a separate note on Starbucks and Lord knows what image EN decides to use for that note… Come on Evernote! After so many years, please can we get some love for the more visual users! Give your paying customers the ability to choose the thumbnail image, like so: Right click on image >> Set as thumbnail image.
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