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  1. It is very annoying. Sad to construct the opportunity to push owners to Pocket, who do the job from Android without any problem. And what for people who are paying a lot for service who doesn't work efficiently. People at EN, you are doing such a great job since the beginning, could you explain us why it is so difficult to find out what and why is going wrong with this issue? It can help us to understand and be patient... And thank you for all the great work you have done untill now.
  2. Only thing to do to save your failed clips is to save it with your Andro, than open Evernote on Firefox or any desktop computer browser, go to the failed clip, go to the URL (always saved), clip the page making a new note, erase the failed original one. Take time but if your content is precious enough, you have a temporary note you can correct on your computer whenever you want to.
  3. Webclipper on latest Firefox Win10 64 works fine. Clipping isn't possible from whatever I'm using (browser or app to clip content) on my Note8 for Evernote. THIS IS A MAIN ISSUE. Please folks at Evernote, do something quickly. I've tried a lot of apps/plugins available on the Play store to see if it will solve the problem, without success. No more possible to clip from Android...
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