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  1. Any hope for code syntax highlighting in the code block anytime soon? Half-baked workarounds aren't really cutting it anymore. I don't want to try some other product because I keep coming back to Evernote because the rest of the apps out there are downright awful. But at this point, syntax highlighting is becoming very important, and I'm just hoping you guys are at least working on it. 

  2. Do you all plan to implement code syntax highlighting in the code block anytime soon, or at all? Been using Evernote for years as. a paid user, and this is the one thing that really makes using it in my work life a pain. Many of the "gurus" on this forum have commented how external tools can be used to copy/paste content into Evernote and the syntax highlighting stays - and that that should be sufficient for us developers. It isn't. I'm glad they're happy with that workaround, but the rest of us would really like Evernote to support it natively.
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