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  1. Does anyone else have experience of how to do that?!
  2. Hello to all, I have a folder on windows that automatically synchronizes the pdf files inside with Evernote. The notes will have as title the name of these pdf files. It may be sometimes that I move two or more identical files into this folder, and so I create double notes in Evernote. Is there any way to find these double notes in Evernote? Maybe with a search in the title? Thanks so much
  3. Thanks for the help. But I can't follow the instructions. If I open the video I can't find any way to share it ... IMG_9115.MP4
  4. Thanks, but I can't understand how to move the file from Evernote to File with iphone..
  5. Unfortunately, both in the case of audio files and in the case of video files, by pressing even slightly begins the display of the file without any menu...
  6. I didn't understand if there is a way to open a file in another application. With Iphone pressing on a file in evernote the sharing menu does not appear.. correct? Thanks so much
  7. Great beautiful anecdote If you ever come to Italy, write me I'm wondering if I've used the CCleaner app, and not AppCleaner. At this point I should start over, delete everything with AppCleaner and then check manually if something is still left. I was really heedless P.S. I also have Evernote on PC windows and the Databases folder weighs 155gb
  8. I'm sure I've done all the steps you explained above, including AppCleaner. Having no more space on the mac yesterday I tried to use this which gave me these results. I no longer know what to do vermanete, I will try once again to do it all over again. No problem for your Italian, it's more embarrassing for me not to know English However TimeMachine I'm not using it right now, I have the important files saved on an HD too.
  9. Thanks a lot DTLow How can I figure out which one I can delete? Do I follow the path you described above (holding down the option key and selecting Help > TroubleShooting > Open Database Folder) to locate the one in use and delete the entire folder of the other path?
  10. Hi DTLow and hi everyone, can you tell me why I have two com.evernote folders in two different mac paths? One in "Containers" and one in "Application Support"? Can one of the two cancel it? Thank you
  11. Sorry I did not understand, can I delete the entire com.evernote folder as attached or just the 80gb 'content' folder which I assume is the database? I realize that I have to improve my English. com.evernote.tiff content.tiff
  12. Ok, at this point I have to delete only the folder 'content' that should be the database or I can go back and delete the whole folder com.evernote.Evernote? Thank you
  13. Now it works, I'm really sorry DTLow... Tomorrow I calmly do everything you have suggested to me.. Thanks again!
  14. Ahahahahah, thank you! However, I confirm that if I place myself on the help menu and press the alt key nothing happens. I have the version of Evernote 7.2...
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