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  1. same issue, it has been an issue for several months now. where's the fix? i'm using os x sierra with chrome browser
  2. no i'm not seeing it on mavericks. it's only visible as a "non compatible" update, so i can't install it through the mac app store at the moment
  3. i should be a bit more specific: i downloaded evernote trough the mac app store. i could install a newer version (6.9.x), but not through the app store at the moment. so my question is, will a newer version become availiable in the mac app store as well?
  4. i'm stuck on OSX mavericks and can't update tot evernote 6.9.x can the bug appear again on 6.8? or will there be an update for mavericks as well?
  5. i want this too, in this way i can easy start a navigation to the location of a note.
  6. any news on this question? i vote for it as well
  7. Exactly, it's a lot f work to copy location info this way. so in iphoto, i can click on a photo and select 'copy', then i can click on another photo and select 'paste location' and it's done. i'd like to have the same solution in evernote.
  8. Is there a way to copy just the location of a note and paste that location on another note? i can do this in iPhoto, copy the location of 1 photo onto a bunch of others.
  9. well thanks for the replys. evernote should give me the option to dismiss the error messages, because i'm not deleting the notes only because they won't sync after an update.
  10. thanks for your reply burgernfries, but i disagree with your explanation. if i add a line of text above a pdf file in a note, evernote should only sync that line of text (just a few kb's) because the pdf didn't change. plus, i can't shut down the alertmessage that some notes (the ones i tryed to change) can't be synced again. so this message pops up like 100 times a day...
  11. i used to have a premium account, i have uploaded many notes that exceed 25mb in that period. now i'm back on a free account and when i try to edit notes that are larger than 25mb, by adding a simple line of text for example, or putting them in another notebook, i get the error message that this isn't possible. this is nonsensical. because the notes are already on the evernote servers, so i'm not uploading more then 25mb, just adding or deleting minor details. is this a bug or policy?
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