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  1. Not sure, but noticed on one page it repeats all the time and its official page of EU institution and looks like simple page. You can try, enter some random numbers in this form: http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/vieshome.do I actually attached that particular note containing not-displayable content. However its possible to print this note and all data looks good. VIES.enex
  2. Regarding this issue I noticed following. 1. I clip a webpage with Chrome Evernote extension. 2. I synchronise my Desktop PC and see this note present in my evernote folder, however: -Note contents does not showup in the area where I can edit this note. -Note contents are visible in preview: Thumbnail or Cardview -Note contents could be printed or exported to PDF - all is fine here. 3. When I export and import same note to/from ".enex" file the problem is exactly the same. So the note actually present in Evernote (PC) however contents are missing. Ramunas
  3. Having same problems this week. Note contents dissapears or even is replaced by content of another note! Just now checked again and found more notes with such problem - missing completely empty content. Some of them has content still available on EN website, however on PC content is missing. For example, I select a note having this issue, do "Copy internal link" and paste into the browser and then I see the contents. Note creation and update times are exactly the same back from beginning of 2017 and its simply a webpage clip from Evernote Chrome extension. So I am 100% sure never touched it or
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