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  1. I just now tried this in the Firefox browser on my phone, and it had the same failure as Safari. Because both browsers use the "Share" option to share with another app, I think the problem is with Evernote's interface with the Android OS's "Share" functionality, and not with the browser's interface with the OS. (I'm using a Samsung Note 5 running Android 7.0, with the latest patches). I've filed a bug report with Evernote also.
  2. Every web page I try to clip on an Android phone to send to Evernote fails with a "Clip failed" error. It used to work fine for me, but something has gone wrong. On the phone, in a Chrome Browser open to any web site, I click on the "Share" option, select "Add to Evernote", tap the elephant to select "Clip full article" (if it isn't the default from the previous "Add to Evernote" command). It says "Saving to Evernote", and then shows a checkmark seeming to indicate it worked right. When I open Evernote, it shows a note with only the title of the web page (none of the contents or text o
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