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  1. OMG I can't believe they took this away. PLEASE RETURN THIS FEATURE ASAP. Navigating to my desired note(s) has always involved too many touches and too much time. This feature was the best, easiest workaround......by having a folder(s) on the home screen with specific note shortcuts inside, made opening specific notes quick and easy. WHY Evernote WHY ????? It's as though you try to punish your users.
  2. The Windows EN upgrade to 6.10 is not functional for me. Running Windows 10 with the latest updates. I upgraded yesterday from the EN prompt. Result is that notes panel is either all black or all white. No notes content is ever visible, either in the notes panel or popout panel. The little blue Windows spinning circle pulses on my screen (in every app) when Evernote is running. Other programs are running fine. I uninstalled the app today, rebooted computer, re-installed latest version ( from Evernote website, with exactly the same result. No notes content is displayed. I uninstalled the app, installed V, and EN works and displays like it should. Something seems to be wrong with the latest version (at least on my computer, Lenovo with i7, 16g ram).
  3. I have a few dozen Notebooks, each with a dozen or more notes. That results in a few hundred notes. Scrolling through these notes to find the one I want is slow and a waste of time and energy. Opening to the Notebook view would be much faster, and a more appropriate interface in my opinion. I already have a home screen folder with shortcuts to specific Notes, which is a huge timesaver. I'm not going to beat my head against the wall about this, but having the option to view Notebooks as the primary screen just seems like common sense. I guess that's why it's not an option.
  4. In Android, when I open Evernote, it always opens to an alphabetical list of ALL NOTES, which seems useless to me. I'd like it to open to a list of my NOTEBOOKS. It's annoying that I must click the hamburger menu, then select Notebooks in order to see them. I can't find any way in settings to change the default/opening view. I've used Evernote for many many years, and it seems that this was once possible. Is there any way that this is possible? If not, I would request that Evernote make this change. Seems pretty basic to me.
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