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  1. Hi Evernote Team/Users, Congrats for this update/improvement. Now it is possible to clip the right email in gmail when moving to previous or next email, without the need of refreshing/F5 Still not possible: - to clip different photos/albuns in google photos - eg.: when you capture an album and then choose another when, the EN clipper keeps on capturing the 1st one. Same situation happened in gmail that this update fixed. - clipping PDF's, essentially gmail attachments, the clip button doesn't show up - hitting the extension button, it does clip - thought afterwards the pdf filename must be added the extension ".pdf" in order to open in a pdf reader. Keep the good work. Greetings from Portugal, Luís
  2. Another issue: -sometimes capturing PDF's when the url is https (secure) does not show the PDF button pressing the evernote extension button the PDF is captured but you must rename the PDF (add .pdf extension) in order to open in acrobat. other way is shows 0 byte impossible to open
  3. Hi @BSR thank you very much. Just want to add that in google photos it happens exactly the same situation when you clip an album and then another one, it keeps clipping the 1st one. I made several tests and this is due to website where it is not completely refreshed the url. So keep the good work and congratulations for this masterpiece software I cannot imagine myself not having. Greeting from Portugal to you and to the Evernote staff.
  4. Hi, Works fine clipping images, in new Gmail also. Only issue, if you clip an email and then move to another one the clipper keeps capturing the 1st one. The solution is to hit F5 to refresh. Any ideias to solve this situation?
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