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  1. Last I checked crying wolf meant giving false alarm, which doesn't apply here since the bugs/issues are real. And if they can't fix even the smallest of bugs, I'm not sure what good it would do me when an even more serious issue came up. But that's besides the point, since it was a joke.
  2. Wow, that is a new level of denial on their side if they think we'll buy that. Haha, this almost makes me want to open a new ticket every time I drag a selection and black dots remain and every time I re-open the app and it's on some random location in between pages. Do you think I can get banned for sending in a new ticket every day? 😆
  3. I just opened a bug report for the first one, was just about to open the second one for leaving marks, when I found this. So this has been brought to attention half a year ago and not fixed? The latest update (Dec 19, 2017) says it fixed writing in portrait mode offset. So something seems to be happening at least, but not these issues. Evernote, what do we have to do so you fix these other bugs? Showing the wrong page is the worst thing ever and doesn't seem to be a fix that would take more than a day. Please, fix this.
  4. A bug has been driving me close to mad over the last year (enough to finally file a bug report). I use Penultimate on a 12" iPad Pro and I'm mentioning this because I'm guessing its resolution has something to do with this. Let's say I'm on some page working normally. I then go to the home screen/switch to another app/whatever puts the app in the background. When I return I won't be on the same page anymore (often many pages off), and the location will be 'offset' to a place between pages even. I don't remember this happening from the very start, but with large note
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