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  1. I can't sort notes by tags anymore, so the tag future is useless now The articles that I have saved now have a HTML content window and I CANT copy the content of the article until I click on simplify&edit... and when I do all of the formatting disappears and the article words are all over the place... sentences without spaces, sentences cut in half and then 4 lines of no text ... if I click undo, it doesn't do anything and I am stuck with a sh*t copy of the article. Also, when I minimize the window to half of the screen, all texts doesn't show, it's not responsive If I leave it inside the HTML window... The search function doesn't work as promised. It was supposed to be better, but its much worse. Now when I search notes inside a notebook, the search searches for all the notes inside ALL the notebooks, and I need to click on add filter if I want to search inside a notebook, that's not user friendly bolded text doesn't stand out with a black theme... the formating of notebook texts disappeared, there is no such function to make a notebook name colored red or green and underlined. I have more than 50 notebooks and this was essential to quickly notice the important notebooks When I updated to the version 10.3, notebooks from notebook stacks went out of the stacks and I have to order them again Lastly. The last 2 years evernote keeps freezing like 30 times per day, every day. Like I do 1 or 2 clicks in it and then the program freezes... It might be because I have 8000 notes in it, but this is not excuse for the program not working. huge huge huge disappointment. Evernote changed my life for the better years ago when I started using it, but the last 2 years it has given me more and more headaches. Please at least make the feature available to export all the notes and notebooks to OneNote, so I don't have to deal with this bugs anymore.
  2. Same issue. Notes don't load, the top bar is gone, the styling (color, underline) of notebooks is gone. I hope you guys fix this ASAP! I'm using 10.4.3 version...
  3. I have around 8000 notes. I'm using windows 10. A lot of times when I try to open a note (double click on it in a new window), then the program is not responding anymore and I have to wait 30 seconds. It is really annoying because this keeps happening a lot and it is an issue I had for the last 2 years... Now evernote web can't even load and doesn't work... Do I have too many notes or what?
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