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  1. This is a good idea. Keep it up :) Lets see how it goes.
  2. Hi Evernote Team, The web clipper is saving the page in evernote a lot of time. Not sure why. Here are the details, that may help. Evernote Web clipper details: Additional Information Version: 7.3.0 Updated: June 14, 2018 Size: 2.14MiB Chrome version: Using Mac: 10.13.4 Evernote side bar to show how it is effecting my notes: As you can see "Company Culture and Managing Freedoms" note has occurred I don't know how many times. This is not one note, but there are many, so I have to raise a request. This is really stupid and time wasting as I have to delete the duplicates, and then Evernote takes time to delete it. Please let me know if you need anything from my end? Regards, Kinshuk
  3. I agree with AndreasM here. Instead of some users defending Evernote, for whatever reason, we as a consumer are suffering. It will be good if Evernote hears the consumer complaints, and fixes bugs in the clipper. Whatever is the reason - if people start giving absurd reasons like the rewrite was due to "new version of chrome" and blah, what help it will do to the users? As a user, we don't care why it happened, but it happened. Hope it is resolved soon.
  4. Hi CalS, Thanks for the response. It is not working with the existing tags, as well as existing tag. Also, in the past, I was able to create new tags from EN web clipper. So, that shouldn't be the problem.
  5. Hi Evernote Team, I am facing a new problem with this version of Web Clipper in Chrome on Mac, where the notes are getting tagged as "null". Here is how you can reproduce: I go to options in the webclipper, Check the tickbox - Always tags with, Type the tag- "abcde", and click enter. I see the small "x" as you can see in the image Now clip the page. The note synced in the evernote has "null" tag in it. Can you please fix this issue I am quite dependant on tags - I don't want to manually tag the note later in evernote. Here is the chrome version I am using: Here is the evernote version:
  6. I am also facing the same issue...can you please get that feature back. Take for example - if you has 250 notebooks (the limit evernote has kept for number of notebooks), then he has to scroll in such a long list. Please bring the feature back.
  7. [BUG] - Note not available on the left side of the "SideListView" even though notebook has some notes. Hi Evernote Team, In that long update, there is nothing for the normal and premium users :(. Also, to make things worse, there are bugs as well, and as some people suggested in the forum, it may be like a beta version. I am finding the issue, where a notebook has notes, but none of the note is visible in the left side view. In the notebook, it is mentioned it has 8 notes, I see note on the right side of the "SideListView" but not on the left side, as if it is totally blank. Please find the snapshot attached: This is just one notebook, I have shared, but this is true for other notebooks as well. Hope it is fixed soon. Thanks.
  8. Hi Evernote, Can you please provide this feature as I have to click the link otherwise to find out. It will save sometime, if I know on hover that ok this is so and so link and that leads to decision of not opening the links many a times. Thanks. Regards, Kinshuk
  9. Hi CaIS, I checked the codeblock option and when i press tab in it, it removes the line rather than putting the tab. so it didn't worked. Thanks for the help though. Thanks, Kinshuk
  10. Thanks CaIS, I will wait for the option to be appearing in Mac version. I am using direct site version.
  11. Hi Evernote Team, I am getting the problem when I am trying to clip the jupyter notebook from here: https://github.com/iit-cs429/main/blob/master/lectures/lec02/Indexing1.ipynb I have tried following: Article - In that case document contains "Viewer requires iframe." Simple page clip - Evernote clipper takes long time to generate a preview and does nothing Full Page clipper - In that case document contains "Viewer requires iframe." I have tried following browsers: Chrome Firefox I want the note content to be searchable. Can you please help me overcome this problem. Thanks, Kinshuk
  12. Hi Gazumped, Thanks for the reply. I am using mac, and I am unable to see such option. Please find the snap where I am unable to see the curly braces, though it could be that I have missed it. I am using evernote 6.13.3 on mac. Here is the toolbar: Please guide me how I can use it. Regards, Kinshuk
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