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  1. @PinkElephant Thank you for your response. I don't know how to get in touch with Evernote, so I appreciate your response. 

    I did deauthorize my old Mac to the point where only my iPhone was the only authorized device. Then, I downloaded a the latest Evernote app to my new iMac and logged in and authorized the new iMac. Still, no notes. Actually, there is one note relating to a recipe I had pulled up on my iPhone a few days ago, which is odd. Where's the other 1000+ notes. I let it sit overnight and checked just now and Evernote for Mac still does not sync all my notes.

    I will say, I had to reset my password early in the iMac migration, because I wasn't able to log into my account. I wonder if there are two accounts out there now related to the same email address. Is there anyway I can find out why all notes show up on the Web and my iPhone, but not on the Evernote App? 

    My biggest concern is if course that I don't want to loose all my nites. I'm happy to upgrade my account, but not if it's going to break or loose all my notes. 

    Any more advice? Thank You.


  2. I bought a new Mac and am migrating away from the old mac. I logged out of Evernote for Mac app on the old computer and logged in with the new Mac. I updated my devices in Evernote, but my notebooks are all empty on the Evernote for Mac app. I can still see my notes on my iPhone and if I log into Evernote via the web. Please advise.

    Thank You,


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