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  1. I feel exactly the same way. Features that used to be great are now hidden, broken, or totally missing. For example, the Sync button is sorely missed (and don't tell me it syncs continuously; Puhleez!!) Used to be I can create a new hierarchical tag by entering the hierarchy on the note, e.g. Taxes:2020 would create the tag hierarchy Taxes / 2020. That was great. Now, I have no idea how to get that functionality. Evernote used to be an amazing product. And now, since the Great Rewrite, it is as bloated as the rest of the crapware out there. Some times you need to know when to leave well enough alone!
  2. I also am looking for this feature. OneNote provides it; Adobe Acrobat provides it. Why doesn't Evernote?? This would be a great feature to have, that will safe a ton of time, and making adding various documents to Evernote much easier. There are times where the web clipper does not do the right things, and clipping is a hassle. Printing to a 'send to evernote' printer would solve that issue.
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