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  1. Thanks, @alexpc for sharing this tip. I may also start looking for an alternative to Evernote for the same reason. May I ask some questions about your experience with Standard Notes? What is involved in the "migration" to Standard Notes - I take it there is no import from Evernote option? Do you have to unencrypt notes in Standard Notes before being able to read them or search the contents?
  2. I totally agree. The current encryption of text is useless to me. Dear Evernote, please provide the options to (1) encrypt an entire note and (2) encrypt an entire notebook. Without this feature, I have to remove all sensitive information from Evernote - a tedious and annoying procedure (annoying because I wish it were unnecessary).
  3. I would also appreciate a way to set up an "Evernote virtual printer" on my Mac, so that I can print a PDF from any application (not just a browser) and send the file straight to Evernote. Up to now, I have achieved this in four rather frustrating steps on my Mac:- Print to PDF Specify a target folder Open Finder and open the folder I saved to Drag the PDF file into Evernote. This seems cumbersome. I have now realised I can reduce this to two steps by using the PDF pull down button on the printer interface window. For anyone else who is interested, the fol
  4. I appreciate the suggestion. I'll have to think on this. Most of the problem emails seem to be invoices or receipts, so I'll have to think about how to create a rule to forward them to my Gmail account - probably ideally to a separate folder, then try setting up an IFTTT script as you suggest. Kind of a skip and a jump. A nuisance, but it could work. In your opinion, do you think the problem formatting would be eradicated if I could install the Evernote add-in in Outlook? I'm guessing this must be the case otherwise there would surely be other users complaining about this same proble
  5. As per this Microsoft post , it is impossible to add add-ins to Outlook for Mac if you are using IMAP accounts. So I cannot install the Evernote add in. (I have Outlook for Mac latest version 16.11 Office 365 subscription). I can forward emails to Evernote using my Evernote email address, but sometimes the formatting is lost/distorted - on some emails from Outlook, not all. The formatting issue may be related to tables embedded in the email. The emails become almost useless because of the lost formatting in Evernote. I have raised this issue with Evernote support, but it was never re
  6. Good suggestions! It's great to get advice from someone with your level of experience. Thank you so much
  7. Such a useful tip! Thank you Just from this post, I have learned things that will make using Evernote much better. How does one learn such refinements? Is searching this forum, or following a guru such as yourself a good place to start? Or can you recommend any other good sources?
  8. This is very helpful ... thank you!! BTW, how do you get just icons to show in your clutter-free sidebar? Is this the app or the online version you are showing?
  9. I like to keep my INBOX selected in Evernote on my Mac, so that I can see what notes need to be filed, and I can see a couple of shortcuts I have created such as "Shopping List". So it is a nuisance to have to switch to "All Notes" just to be able to see all my reminders, and it is very frustrating not to be able to view them all from my Inbox. This feature really doesn't work for me. Do I have to change the way I'm using Evernote?
  10. Can anybody share an IFTTT recipe that moves an email (in my case Outlook) to a specific Evernote notebook based on text in the subject line? I cannot seem to find this anywhere!
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