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  1. The problem is that Evernote requires registration at installation. I do not want to install into the Admin account with my personal Evernote ID and I do not want to create a new Evernote ID for the Admin account. I do not have privs in my personal account to either uninstall or re-install Evernote. Here's what I would have to do: Log out as my personal account (pain because of needing to re-open windows and apps) ... Login as the Admin account and give my personal account privs ... Logout of the Admin account ... Login to my personal account ... update Evernote (or do the in-/re-install) ... Logout of my personal account ... Login to the Admin account ... Take away the Admin privs from my personal account ... Logout of the Admin account ... Login to my personal account ... Re-open all my apps and reset my windows (as I said, pain.) And then I need to do that for every update. After all of this, Spell Check might not be fixed anyway, based on comments in this thread. Sigh.
  2. Well, I just discovered that I cannot upgrade to the latest version. In setting up my current laptop, I was running as a member of the Administrators group so I could install the software I needed. Corporate policy says no one runs as Admin for their day-to-day work, so I took my own Admin privileges away and there's a second Admin account for those rare occasions I need to elevate my privs. So, then I hit "Check for Updates" it failed - as I expect. I typed "Evernote" into the Windows 10 search box, right-clicked, and said "Run as Administrator." Evernote still ran as me and the update failed. I logged into the Admin account to run the update and it worked until it insisted that I register. But, I don't want to register that account, it's the Admin user, not my day-to-day user. There's no way past the mandatory registration screen. Long story short, I can't install the update as a normal user (expected) or as an Admin because of the mandatory registration. Other than having Evernote fix their screwed up installation (and experience here says that's unlikely,) any suggestions for getting the latest version installed so I can have a semi-working Spell-Check?
  3. @Austin G @dconnet I have a note that is two screenfuls long with 1-2 red squiggles per line. Right-clicking per entry is (at best) a bad solution. And, in the upgrade process, other things seem to have broken besides F7. As pointed out by the Gurus, it would have been nice to at least let people know in release notes or a pop-up. At one point, many years ago, I was Consulting Engineer at a major computer company - at one time, the # 2 in the world. We had 2 rules. "Features never go backward" and "if it doesn't pass the regression tests, it doesn't ship." Silently losing capability is just not professional. And, the ultimate Irony? The first word in the note with all the squiggles is "Evernote" - guess what has a red squiggle under it?
  4. The red underlines are still there - lots and lots of them when I opened a note on a new computer. That's the issue I'm facing is right-clicking and saying "add to dictionary" is totally impractical. It also seems that any management of the dictionaries is gone including wiping the .dic file. So, if an entry is added by accident, you can' get rid of it. Lucas tells me that this has been added to the internal feature-request list.
  5. Let me start by clarifying - I'm not shooting the messenger. Lucas (the tech support person) is doing their job. I've been in their position and I understand the work they do. I'm upset at whomever the up-stream person is. @Dave-in-Decatur Guru is right. Removing something intrinsically useful and doing it silently is unprofessional at best. And then saying that I need to request a feature to undo the damage smacks of engineering arrogance. Again, with @Dave-in-Decatur , I wish I'd never downgraded to the latest version. @gazumped - I want to see things unbroken. I'm guessing that the ability to work with dictionaries is gone as well. I also don't see why I should need to add third party programs to undo the damage. This isn't a feature request - it's a bug report and a fairly significant one at that.
  6. I just moved Evernote to a new Windows PC and discovered - to my horror - that F7 to invoke Spell Check is gone. I NEED IT BACK! In exchanging email with a support specialist named Lucas, this appears to be a deliberate decision someplace between versions 6.5.7 (works) and 6.8.7 (gone). It's still gone in 6.9.7.x and whomever Lucas was talking to blew the answer off "treat as feature request". This is my particular situation - I have notes where I use a code to identify something and its quantity like K42 or F9. Every one of these now has a red-squiggle and there are hundreds in one note. The suggestion was to right-click each one and spell check individually. I just wonder if Evernote is going to pay for my doctor bills from repetitive strain doing this? Between the deliberate decision to remove this, the dismissive answer from the problem escalation, and the useless work-around, I'm not very impressed.
  7. A couple of years later -- F7 has stopped working on the Windows Client. It used to bring up the spell-check dialogue, but no longer. This is really annoying fo documents with lots of words it doesn't recognize...please advise?
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