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  1. Interesting. And odd. I thought it was working for me for a while on the web version. Maybe I imagined that. I hope they put that F7 support on a newer version. Thank you for all of your input Frank.dg!
  2. Ah my mistake. I forgot to mention that my F7 shortcut is working on my installed version but not on the web version. I recently started using the web version as it makes it easier to switch between online lectures and my notes. Also, thank you for the PhraseExpress suggestion. I am looking into that right now!
  3. Suddenly my F7 shortcut key has stopped opening up the Spell Check tool. I have verified that it is not an error within my computer by confirming that it still works in all other programs. It is only occurring in Evernote. This is a very important issue for me. I use this key constantly as I am a very poor speller. If this is not the appropriate place for this question please re-direct me. I have searched the web and it seems I'm alone in having this issue.
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