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  1. We've been waiting for font formatting, tag management, butt edit thing. As long as it's stable and not uses too much space of our phone, why not. And definitely share notes thru blogging platform like Wordpress or Medium, and such but actually Evernote itself could be good blogging but regarding privacy concerns it seems a lot work so we get it.
  2. It seems like the easiest choice, for now, would be to download, rename, and re-upload. Kinda hassle though, which is why it's best to record outside Evernote to rename and upload into Evernote later. Best luck.
  3. Everything's good, except the one and only Evernote Android thing that drives me nuts: Clipboard is inaccessible in the note making, unless you access it somewhere else, like, in the note title field. Evernote used to support this thing. Why would Evernote remove this? It's been a long time, and I decided to write this because I'm so fed up with doing this inefficient exercise: Wandering back and forth only to access and edit my recent contents of the clipboard, which contains way too much of copies to paste. Not to mention, those copies mostly have its font styles, meanwhile Evernote Android has no font styles, nor sizes. I know both Evernote Microsoft and Web are flawless, but does Evernote really expect us to carry PC everywhere we go? I wanted to write a feedback to Evernote, but Evernote has no contact for feedbacks. There's one more good example of different font styles and sizes on Evernote Android, but these attachments, already reached the upload limit, so bear with me. Thank you.
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