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  1. If this isn't where I report bugs, please direct me to the correct location. Thanks.
  2. Simpliar to the bug I just reported. Might be the same cause.
  3. Hi Team. I frequently add files, pdf's, and others to evernote via the share link on the android. It seems that now, many times (I want to say every time) I open the android app it asks me to accept the file, again, and again, and again. The attached image is of one file that has added itself three times tonight so far. This is a common bug in my use. Please tell me what I am doing wrong, or add it to the V10 bug log. Thanks.
  4. "You can now change the background color and pattern for your sketches." Really?!?! Don't _______ care. The only release note I want to see, for the next 10 releases in a row, is "5 % speed and performance improvement." Only after that should you be bothering with these trifling features.
  5. Clipping don't work...at all. You need to remove it from your advertizing until it works. And, I chose my words carefully.
  6. Not a software person here, so my vocabulary is probably off. If I try to share a photo from an SMS thread to my Evernote account, using the Evernote share icon, it just does'nt work. OK, it works 30% of the time, I tested it. And, you have to have the Anroid app open and unlocked to even have a chance. And, even then, it's a 50% chance, so you have to sit there for 3-5 minutes waiting for the note to show up, so you know it worked.
  7. Please, just improve speed right now. The desktop application is too slow to be useable. Please just work on speed, then come back to work on features again. Begging you...
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