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  1. Hello, I have a suggestion. Can there be more consistency across platforms? For instance - in the Windows app, you can Duplicate a note (creates a copy in the current notebook) or Copy a note (creates a copy in another notebook). In the Android app, the Duplicate function creates a copy in another notebook. Also, in the Windows app you can select Reverse Sort Order. I use dates as titles and prefer to have the most current note on top. The Android app does not have that option so I am always scrolling to the bottom of the list. There are probably more but I will start with those. Thanks for your consideration.
  2. Hello, If I have a table cell that contains text with different formatting (in this case a line of bold followed by line(s) of regular text), sometimes when I cut/paste to another cell the bold text is pasted into the cell but Evernote creates a new cell and pastes the regular text there. I'm using Evernote on Windows 7 32-bit (if that's necessary to know). I attached a couple of MP4s showing this in action. The first MP4 is a paste to the top row. Evernote adds an extra cell within the cell I pasted in. The rows below don't get the extra cell - the area below the new cell extends to the bottom of the table but if I click on it I can't enter any text in it. The second MP4 shows a paste to the bottom row. In this case, it adds a second column (or an extra cell the full height of the table, depending how you look at it) and pastes the plain text there. Cell alignment is set to 'top' but the text sits there in line with the original table row. Thanks for looking into this. Evernote, Strange Paste Indeed.mp4 Evernote, Strange Paste Two - Electric Boogaloo.mp4
  3. Hello there, It's a minor thing, but when you right-click on an unknown word and "add to dictionary" it would be nice if the red squiggle went away instantly. I'm using Evernote Windows Desktop v6.7.5.5825 and at first I thought "add to dictionary" wasn't working because the red squiggle remained after I added a word. The squiggle does go away if I alter the word in question and then restore it (it forces the app to re-evaluate the spelling) or if I re-load the note. Thanks for listening...
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