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  1. I've wrestled with this problem for about 6 months now, but understood that it was a result of having selected a tag in the left panel in the desktop app. I would just delete the new note, click on "Notebooks", and then click on "New Note" whenever I stumbled back into this problem, e.g. navigating around my tag structure, having an idea, creating a new note, realizing it had tags that it didn't need or that were wrong for what I wanted to capture. I finally got fed up enough to search to see if anyone else found this as bothersome as I and found this thread. I'm happy that there is a configuration option to turn this behavior off. I can imagine situations where having it on, though, would be helpful. Which makes me think, is it a UX problem that there is a binary choice for how you'd like to create a new Note using the "New Note" button?
  2. Great find! I'm having some trouble following a few things though: 1. What are your steps for "adding a tag to a search"? 2. Agreed that the option doesn't seem to affect the drop-down in the note header, or Ctrl-Alt-T dialog. The note does mention a "Tag Picker" though - is that something else within the app? I only found the "Tag View", which has a search, but also doesn't seem to be affected by this option. 3. Further on the previous point, the Evernote help does not have any references to "Tag Picker", even though it appears to be a formal "thing", given the capitalization, and so I couldn't find any more information in the Help info (this is a note for Evernote folks).
  3. That's handy, I didn't know that. It's still a bit of a two step process, vs. just using an autocomplete approach in the same fashion the mobile app provides. I explored a bit further and the "Assign Tag" dialog in the desktop app is actually just as bad.
  4. It should be added to this that the Android app provides such autocomplete behaviour, so there really isn't any reason to not keep the desktop app consistent with that. It's effectively treating the tag search as a wildcard search. All of the workarounds are just fine, but they all involve contorting to the tool vs. the tool just providing the behaviour in an easy way. To address the other user segment who would be thrown off by typing "w" and not immediately having "weather" be the first choice... this can be managed by how the search results are displayed, e.g. display everything that starts with W first, then everything else that has a W in it, alphabetically sorted.
  5. 8 years later and this is still scaring random users. Thanks for posting this.
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