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  1. are you using web browser to use EN or evernote app?? i face note duplication problem as well...i use web browser(chrome)..
  2. my notes keep getting duplicated several times...it's really frustrating and annoying to say the least..you need to manually compare the notes to remove the unnecessary ones..sometimes, the notes are partially duplicated.. i use GOOGLE CHROME to use evernote.. i have a MACBOOK..evernote for MAC doesn't work..all the buttons are blurred on the app.. u can't work on it...i had only 1 option: the web browser...but even that duplicates notes.. so now in short, evernote seems unworkable for me!! can u solve it??
  3. It's Sep 2017...i still get this damn issue..it's really frustrating...takes hell lot of time to make a 100 words note...this thread started in 2014...issue still there... I use evernote from my web browser... Evernote for MAC doesn't work..all its buttons are blurred..u can't use it..i was only left with web version, but even that keeps making duplicate notes..
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