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  1. @gbarry I got response from support last night that addressed my questions and concerns. Really appreciate your and Rich's help with this. I'm sure you guys are already doing this but really appreciate it if you can implement some basic security notifications (e.g. logged in from unknown device or IP, enable/disabling of applications/plug-ins, maybe authenticate any applications / API related enablements & so on). @Artgirlofnm I'll send you message with some of support response details.
  2. Rich - Thanks again for your reply but, as you can imagine, I don't want to peel the onion one layer at a time. Again, I really need to know the following: #1. When was my account accessed? How was that done? (I'm not talking about how they hacked it or got my pw, just from what device, what IP & so on) #2. What did they do for each access? #3. Again, my access history does not show any applications or unusually "access" as of yesterday. If it only shows last 30 days then hack into my account happened before that, is that correct or were they able to clean up after
  3. Hey Rich - Thanks for replying. I've already reset the password and some other additional actions. There was nothing in Applications other than the 2 devices I own. I REALLY LIKE to know more specific details on what & when in terms of someone getting access to my account. I, like many out there, has lots of stuff on evernote and lots and lots of personal info. I need to know as much as possible of what happened here and what was accessed so I can take appropriate measure (some may takes DAYS to do).
  4. I'm one of those people who got this email earlier today. I've been trying to reach someone to get some basic answers; #1. The email does NOT say my account was accessed. It says "We believe someone has learned your password from a website or service not associated with Evernote. " So I need to know whether & what was exactly accessed in my evernote account. I checked the access history and everything there is legit from my devices. No web access except when I logged in for pretty much first time today after resetting the password. #2. Where was this breach occurred
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