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  1. Thank you gazumped for your helpful suggestions. I managed to get into my online account in the end - so I don' t know what I was doing wrong there... And regarding mobile devices, I thought notes autosynced, so maybe I just need to check that I'm syncing manually as I go along with a large piece of work. I'll check out whether it is worth upgrading for a month to see if I can retrieve my work.
  2. I too have lost a note - which I'd been working on for the whole afternoon, so I'm very frustrated! Working on an iPad, and went into the notebook section to move it from Inbox to another notebook - and it just went! Not in trash, nowhere else in my notebooks. I find this really alarming as my reason for subscribing to Evernote rests on its stability and reliability (although I can't afford the top notch subscription). I can't find quite the same problem listed by other users, and I don't seem to be able to get into the web version of my account either from my iPad or my mac.
  3. No news. And the suggested fix be setting width didn’t work either ?
  4. Hi there, I couldn't access any other information than yours!
  5. I'm also getting this problem and can't see if there's a fix anywhere?
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