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  1. Currently, folder sort view is managed by a global setting that affects all notebooks. So if you sort one notebook by alpha, then all notebooks are sorted by alpha. I propose making this global setting a checkbox in preferences. The default is this setting is "checked," meaning one global rule for sorting all notebooks (the way things are now). But if you "uncheck" the box, then each folder could have its own sorting parameter. For example, you might sort an inbox folder by date, but you'd sort a folder of favorite recipes by alpha. What happens when you uncheck the box in preferences? All folders would have a default initial sort parameter equal to the one that existed immediately before the unchecking of the box. That is, if you're on the global setting and sorting by alpha, then if you uncheck the box, all folders would have an initial parameter of alpha sort. But then you could subsequently change this in each folder by choosing a new sort parameter (which would then obviously be remembered on a folder specific basis).
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