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  1. I have a client who uses Evernote for Business (as do I) and has scanned several thousand business cards into Evernote. I now need to download these contacts - ideally into a CSV file - so that I can import them into the HubSpot CRM so they can become actionable. I've spoken to the Evernote support and they've said the only way to download the business cards is to select all the notes and then save - but this saves them as individual PNG image files, which are practically useless. Is there a hack to get around this? I don't mind if I need to use an IFTTT command, or export and then
  2. Hi, I have just shy of 100 Notebooks, which I consider the higher level folder for subsequent notes. Currently, if I chose to sort the Notes within a Notebook by one criteria - most frequently used, title, etc - this updates the sort functionality within every single Notebook. To my mind, it would be more helpful to have this higher-level sort option within the default settings menu, but then have the ability to sort each Notebook individually. I usually default to having my Notebooks sorted by Most Recently Used, so I can quickly get to the Note I need when I open the relevant N
  3. Another vote from me to bring back the grid view - this long scrolling single column is very frustrating, far less elegant and not as efficient. If developers have to constantly iterate the UI, please give us the option to change the view to how we've become accustomed. I use Evernote constantly all day and its consistency is key to its ease of use. I don't want to have to relearn a UI just because a developer has become bored with what works.
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