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  1. does anyone know how to reach EN support and not pages and pages of useless information//////////////
  2. what is rolled back? the version u r mentioning is the same i m running. don't know what u mean
  3. i m using seems that i goes into a continues loop, as i was watching the log file , it goes from 90% back to 22%
  4. problems with hanging SYNC it does not seem to sync. any ideas? windows 10 installation.
  5. You are correct. i will upload it to the app market , a soon as i will have some initial beta users remarks. please send me your email, so i send yoi the link back to try it out. i will appreciate it much. Manny@NVOYA.com
  6. EVERNOTE FANS android users.i am a heavy user of EVERNOTE and huge fan. i use it for everything. the use of reminders was not good enough for me , so , i have developed, for my own use, a 3 dimensional unique view of REMINDERS.Looks great , easy to use , colofull i would love to get you input before uploading it to the EVERNOTE app center. interested ? , send me a request , manny@REBO.com and i will send you back the APK. ( no tricks , no malware , no virus )
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