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  1. Guys, the new Android version is not an improvement. It has one major issue, one avaricious change, and a UI failure. Major issue: can no longer use shortcuts on Android. This greatly reduces Evernote's functionality because you might have 100's of organizing tags, notebooks, etc, but your top 3 as shortcuts. Without one, you have to use the big tree view - slows you down a lot. Avaricious issue: The web version is now a "device". Got to stop all those terrible people who use the web version to add devices or use evernote on their spare Linux box without the paid version, right? Gee whiz though, the app isn't THAT awesome. You could have put the effort into fixing lists and spellcheck. Well, here's what you lose: for 5 years when presenting, I've answered the inevitable question with, "oh, that? That's Evernote. You should try it!" I guess today was the last time THAT happens. Companies that cheap out on the free version don't get me as a paid customer, but you also don't get me promoting you anymore - I'm sure SOME of those I introduced signed up for the paid version. UI failure: I think the new version is made for a tablet, or at least a phone bigger than my - wait, my S9 Note is big! Well, it doesn't work well, anyhow; and squanders its screen real estate shamefully. It's been real - but these are bad enough to make me start coding my own solution 🙄
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